What is bitcoin

Published on 2017-08-28

Bitcoin originated in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of one or more people, decided to launch a new electronic currency whose peculiarity is that it only served to be able to perform operations within the Network of networks. Bitcoin refers to both the currency, the protocol and the P2P network on which it relies.

So what is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual and intangible currency. That is, it can not be touched in any of its forms as it happens with the coins or notes, but can be used as a means of payment in the same way as these.

As with the money that we have in our bank Bitcoin increase or decrease of our personal account as we make income or expenses, the only difference is that there is no possibility of monetizing them, as when, for example, withdraw money from a ATM.

What is the blockchain

Published on 2017-08-28

Who's who in the blockchain and how does it work
We will try to decipher who participates in the blockchain and how its technology works. The blockchain, as the name implies, is a chain of blocks. Each of these blocks contains the encoded information of a transaction on the network. Before we did the analogy of the book, where we noted, for example, that A came out and entered B. Well, blockchain behaves the same, but it will be the network of distributed nodes who have to certify that such data are true How do they do?
Each block of the chain carries the transaction packet and two codes, one indicating which block precedes it (except the source block, of course), and another for the block that follows it, that is, they are interlaced or chained So they are called codes or hash pointers. Now the concept of mining that the nodes perform, that is, the process of validation of the information comes into play. In this process of mining or verification, when there are two blocks that point to the same previous block, it simply wins the first one to be decrypted by most nodes, that is, that most points in the network must agree to validate information. Therefore, although blockchain generates multiple block chains, the longest block chain will always be legitimized.

What is the future of the blockchain?
The experts compare the arrival of the blockchain with milestones such as the integration of computers in the domestic use or the development of the Internet, that is, a system that will change the way we understand business and society.
One of its greatest potential lies in the so-called smart contracts, that is, with blockchain technology agreements and transactions can be made confidently without revealing confidential information between the two parties and without the need for "arbitrators", as Payments to distributors or, for example, renting a car online.

But not only this, based on the same concept, blockchain will be essential for the Internet of things. Our electronic devices can communicate with each other in a safe and transparent way, and soon we will see our refrigerator buying yogurts in the supermarket online as soon as it detects that they are finished.
The administration will have an unparalleled advantage with this system of cryptography. Issues such as electronic voting that, despite attempts made with other technologies, have not resisted hacking, now could be a viable option for voters with the assurance that their identity will not be supplanted and the comfort of not having To travel to the polling station.
Currently, there are many projects under investigation to implement the blockchain as a structure to support them, so we will soon see if it really becomes the technology of the future.

What Is A Bitcoin Wallet And How To Get One

Published on 2017-08-28

A Bitcoin wallet allows you to store the Bitcoin digital coin and to store your Bitcoins in a safe way. The Bitcoin wallet should be treated just like a physical wallet, where you store your personal items and where you keep your cash. A Bitcoin wallet can be held digitally (on the Internet) or stored on your computer.
The function of the Bitcoins wallets is to store Bitcoin digital coins so that the user can dispose of them. For example, you will need a wallet to save your money by investing in Bitcoin. A Bitcoin portfolio allows you to receive and send Bitcoins without intermediaries. Digital coins are simply transferred from one wallet to another in each transaction.

How to get a Bitcoin wallet
To get a Bitcoin wallet, you can use a program that you can install on your computer or you can use Internet services that provide you with a free wallet. Bitcoin Internet wallets are easier and faster to use and you can view them from anywhere you have the Internet.
You can get a Bitcoin wallet using these services:

Blockchain - one of the most popular sites of Bitcoin portfolios on the Internet. You can use your mobile application to access your Bitcoins wallet from your cell phone.

Multibit - Multibit is a program that allows you to download and run from your computer so you can have a portfolio with Bitcoins. Although Multibit is a little more secure than using a service on the Internet, it is much slower and you have to install a program to be able to get a Bitcoin wallet.
Bitcoin Wallet - you can install this application on your Android phone and have a Bitcoin wallet in a matter of minutes. This application is safe and you can see your Bitcoins from your cell and have better control of your digital coins.

Site Policies

Published on 2017-07-26

CriptoPlay is a site that gives you between 30 and 50 Satoshis per hour. You just have to complete the captcha and wait 60 minutes to return and claim your satoshis.
The minimum to withdraw your winnings is 30000 Satoshis. We pay on the 13th and 30th of each month as long as you have reached the minimum payment. So that we can pay you before the indicated dates you have to request the withdrawal in the withdrawal tab once you have reached the minimum withdrawal. You can increase your winnings by playing the 4 games in the games tab, we have the snake game, flipper coin, grid game and guess the number. You will also increase your profits with the system of referrals that gives you 15 percent more so that each referral of you.
To be able to pay you provide a valid bitcoin address, be aware that sometimes it can take up to 3 days until you see the payment reflected in your wallet, because sometimes the block chain is saturated, but this happens rarely, normally it will take a day .

Account Suspension

Published on 2017-07-25

An account will be suspended for the following characteristics.
1- Open two accounts of the same IP, using one main account and the other as referred from the main account.
2-. Bot use
3-. Accounts of Russia, China, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia and Georgea. They are not allowed.
4-. Create multiple accounts from the same IP.
5-. Use any type of bot or script to win.
6-. Use the same bitcoin address for two directional accounts.
7-. Any type of fraud that our agents find in your account, such as fraudulently winning satoshis. Whenever this subscriber will communicate by email the reason for which your account has been suspended.
If your account is suspended and you think it is an injustice you can send us your complaints by email to support@criptoplay.com and an agent will examine your case and will contact you to communicate if you return to be part of the site or not.